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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Porter George Jr. Porter, George Jr.
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
A Million Miles Away 1991/04-10
A Walk In The Dark 1991/04-10
All I Do Every Day 1968/01
Angel Of Mercy
Big Chief
Big Chief
Blues For Shorty Bill
Bo Diddley 1968/01
Bon Ton Roulet
Caledonia River
Can You Do Without ? 1976
Can't Git Enuff 1974
Carnival Time
Caught In A Lite Sneeze
Cissy Strut
Coconut Milk
Come Together
Common Ground
Concentrate On Work
Cornflake Girl
Cried Too Long 1996/07-08
Cryin' Out Loud
Deaf, Dumb, Crippled And Blind
Don't You Make Me Act Ig'nunt
Doughnut Song
Dr. Feelgood 1996/07-08
Father Lucifer
Fire On The Bayou 1976
Fun In The Sun
Get Here 1996/07-08
Girls On My Mind 1991/04-10
Golden Crown
Groovy Lady
Hanging Upside Down 1991/04-10
Happy Song
Hey Now Baby
Hold Me While I Cry 1996/07-08
I Count The Teardrops 1996/07-08
I Keep On Loving You
I Plead Guilty
I Wish
I Wish I Was In Heaven Sittin' Down
I Won't Cry For You 1996/07-08
I'm Back
I'm Gone
Iko, Iko
In The Night
In the Springtime Of His Voodoo