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Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
Baby Now I 1990-91
Blame It On The Moon 1990-91
Mix It Up 1990-91
The Heat 1990-91
Let It Go 1990-91
Love Don't Work That Way 1990-91
The Salt Of Joy 1990-91
Take My Hand 1990-91
The Lonely Sun 1990-91
Thy Will Be Done 1990-91
Wake Up 1990-91
Long Way To Go 1990-91
Chill Out 1990-91
Money 1990-91
Life Is Sex 1990-91
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03246 CD Dan Network Reed The Heat PolyGram 848 855-2 (BRD 1991, Mercury) Doppelte Platte