Actions NAME VORNAME Name3
Rova Rova
Rovers The Rovers, The
Roving Crows Roving Crows
Rowan Brent Rowan, Brent
Rowan Peter Rowan, Peter
Rowan Brothers Rowan Brothers
Rowe Hansford Rowe, Hansford
Rowe Keith Rowe, Keith
Rowland Bruce Rowland, Bruce
Rowland Dennis Rowland, Dennis
Rowland Kelly Rowland, Kelly
Rowland Kevin Rowland, Kevin
Rowles Jimmy Rowles, Jimmy
Rowles John Rowles, John
Rowley Beth Rowley, Beth
Rowsome Family Rowsome Family
Rox Rox
Roxette Roxette
Roxy Flames Roxy Flames
Roxy Music Roxy Music