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Archiv Nummer Medium Interpret Medien-Titel Industrie Nummer Kategorie
00001 Soundtrack CD Soundtrack 101 Dalmatians Walt Disney 537 390-2 (BRD 1997, Polydor) Keine
Actions Track Titel Jahr
1 Cruella De Vil
2 One Hundred And One Dalmatians
3 The House Of De Vil /
4 Daisy, Daysi (Anita Goes Swimming)
5 The Wedding (Cup Of Marriage)/Horace And Jasper/Skinner
6 Going To Have A Puppy/ I Adore Puppies
7 Birth (15 Puppies)/The Heist
8 Kipper The Die Hard Dog
9 Woof On The Roof
10 Rescue
11 Kipper Finds The Puppies
12 Pup, Pup, Pup, Pup, Puppies
13 Reunion In The Barn
14 Puppies In The Mist
15 Home-One Big Happy Family