Actions Titel
(Die weisse Serie) Hits aus Italien
Hallberg's Hot Accordion In The Foreground
Little Deedop
Μεγάλες Επιτυχίες Του Τσιτσάνη
"Mucho Macho" Machito And His Afro-Cuban Salseros
# 10
#1st 60's Punk Sampler
$ 100 Fine
$35 And A Dream
'65 Live
'65 Love Affair
'73 Yonin-Bayashi
'gator Tails
'ot 'n' Sweaty
'Round About Midnight At The Blue Note
'Round Midnight
'S Awful Nice
'S Continental
's Geht Eh
'S Make It
'S Marvellous
'S Marvelous
'S war immer so
'S Wonderful
'T' For Texas
'Til Tomorrow
'Til We Outnumber 'Em
'Twas A Long Time Ago
'What Time Is It? It's Gucci Time
( )
(1927-1940) The Remaining Titles
(1934 - 1941)
(Ballad of) A Peaceful Man
(Blame It) On The Pony Express
(Bye Bye) Toulouse
(Call Me) Number One
(Call Me) When The Spirit Moves You
(Closest Thing To) Perfect