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Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
I Love No One But You 1947
Two Little Orphans 1947
He Will Save Your Soul (From Burning Fire) 1949/04
Wicked Path Of Sin 1947
My Dreamboat Is Drifting 1947
Tramp On The Street 1947
On The Banks Of The River 1949/04
What Will I Do 1947
This World Can´t Stand Long 1947
Girl In The Blue Velvet Band 1947
I Dreamed About Mom Last Night 1949/04
What Good Will It Do 1947
Thirty Pieces Of Silver 1949/04
Matthew Twenty--Four 1947
Moonlight On West Virginia 1949/04
Willy Roy (The Crippled Boy) 1949/04
Blue Mountain Girl 1947
What´s The Matter With This World 1949/04
The Little Rosewood Casket 1947
No One Now 1949/04
The Golden Rocket 1950/12
The Ghost Train 1950/12
The Message Came Special 1950/02
Mother´s Prayer 1950/12
The White Rose 1950/02
I Ain´t Gonna Work Tomorrow 1950/02
The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree 1950/02
Faded Love 1950/12
Trouble Ahead 1961/10
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00752 CD Box-Sets Wilma And Stoney Cooper Lee Big Midnight Special Bear Family BCD 16751 (BRD 2007) Keine