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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Armstrong Dan Armstrong, Dan
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
8 Miles From Oakland
Ain't None So Blind
Barely Hangin' In
Blues Fell This Morning 1973/03
Catch You On The Rebop
Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que
Don't You Let It Bring You Down
Feeling Rude
Frankie B. is Back In Town
I Plead Insanity
I'm Guilty
It's Nice To See You Again
Let's Twist
Like A Kid In A Candystore
Little Money
Living In A Back Street
Mr. Operator
Need A Lady
Take A Look Inside 1973/03
The Edge
The Screw
Today Gluggo, Tomorrow The World
Try A Little Tenderness
Tumble Down Tenement Row