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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Hardin Eddie Hardin, Eddie
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
She's A Woman 1976/04-05
Sir Maximus Mouse 1973
Sir Maximus Mouse 1974
Sitting In A Dream 1974
Sitting In A Dream 1973
Slow Down
Some Places Are Better To Be
Somewhere 1988/08
Spend Your Money Honey
Stop Me, I'm Falling
Strange People
Sure Need A Helping Hand
Swanks & Swells (Parts I & II) 1976/04-05
Take Away Today
Taking Our Time
Tell All The World About You
That's What The Lady Said 1981-82
The Edge
The Entertainer 1982/07-08
The Feast 1974
The Feast 1973
The Long Road
The Pike 1969
The Pike
The Pike Rides Again
The Pike Strikes Back 1988/08
The Screw
Time Seller
Today Gluggo, Tomorrow The World
Together Again 1974
Together Again 1973
Tomorrow Today 1969/06
Tomorrow Today
Tomorrow Today
Tumble Down Tenement Row
Universal Dream
Until Tomorrow (Parts I - IV) 1976/04-05
Waiting 1973
Waiting 1974
Waiting For The Wind
Watch Out For The Bat 1974
Watch Out For The Bat 1973
We Can Give It A Try
We Can Give It A Try
Westbound For Glory
When There's Not You
With His New Face On
Women Of The World