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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Holdsworth Allan Holdsworth, Allan
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
(Black) Velvet Mountain
A Kinder Eye 1991
A Lot Of What You Fancy 1980
Abracadabra 2002/06
Adios A la Pasada (Goodbye To The Past)
Alaska 1977/12-1978/01
Alien Time
All Our Yesterdays
All Our Yesterdays 2008
Almost You 1994
Arabesque Intro And Arabesque 1979/08
At The Edge 1979/12-19
Back To The Beginning 1977/08
Bad Habits 1994
Baker's Treat 2002/06
Beelzebub 1977/08
Behind The Crystal Curtain 1980
Boy, I Really Tied One On 1976/05-09
Brothers 1972/10-11
By The Light Of Day 1977/12-1978/01
Checking Out
Close To Home 1993/06
Dark House 1972/10-11
Days Away 1993/06
Devil Take The Hindmost
Diminished Responsability 1979/12-19
Either End Of August 1977/08
Elsewhere 2002/06
Empty Suitcase 1993/06
Enigmatic Ocean Part I-IV 1977/06-07
Esnuria Two 1979/08
Fainting In Coils
Fearless 1991/06
Feels Good To Me 1977/08
First Trane 2002/06
Five G
Flight (Part 1-4)
Floppy Hot 1976/05-06
Forever Until Sunday
Forty Reasons 1991/06
Four Gongs Two Drums
Foyers Of Fun 1972/10-11
Gattox 1976/05-06