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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Jackson Thomas Lee Jr. Tommy Jackson, Thomas Lee Jr. (Tommy)
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
A Castle In The Sky 1953/03
A Change Of Heart 1957/02
A Fallen Star 1957/05
A Girl In The Night 1963/02
A Good Woman's Love 1955/11
A Half-Way Chance With You 1953/03
A Hole In My Pocket 1958/04
A Maiden's Prayer 1970/01
A Maiden's Prayer 1961/09
A Man With A Plan 1956/07
A Mansion On The Hill 1957/02
A Mansion On The Hill 1957/02
A Memory Of You 1953/03
A Mighty Pretty Waltz 1952/07
A Million Miles From Here 1955/07
A Place For Girls Like You 1954/06
A Rose From The Bride's Bouquet 1965/03
A Satisfied Mind 1962/10
A Way To Free Myself 1960/08
A Way To Free Myself 1963/04
A Way To Free Myself 1963/06
A Way To Free Myself 1964/02
A Woman By Your Side 1956/02
Accidentally On Purpose 1961
Action 1956/01
After The Boy Gets The Girl 1958/10
Ages And Ages Ago 1961
Alabama 1947/12
All I Need Is Some More Lovin' 1949/01
All Right 1964/02
All The Time 1958/10
Alone With God 1960/03
Another Bridge To Burn 1963/06
Another Broken Heart 1958/03
Answer To Anymore 1960
Any Old Time 1956/03
Are You Alone 1958/03
Are You Lonesome Tonight 1961/02-03
Are You Sure 1963/02
Are You Wasting My Time 1956/06
As Long As I Live 1954/09
As Long As We're Together 1952/10
As Strange As It Seems 1955/07
Ashes Of Love 1958/12
Baby Blue Eyes 1955/10
Baby Let Me Kindle Your Flame 1953/03
Backstreet Affair 1952/07
Backstreet Affair 1952/08
Be A Good Girl 1963/04
Before You Say I Do 1952/07