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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Karn Mick Karn, Mick
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
A Foreign Place
A Reassuringly Dull Sunday 1989-90
Adolescent Sex
Adolescent Sex
After A Fashion
Ain't That Peculiar
All Tomorrows Parties
Andy Rinehart Talks To David Torn
Artemis 1984
Automatic Gun
Back In The Beginning 1992
Bandaged By Dreams 1993/06-07
Bandaged By Dreams
Beard In The Letterbox 1992
Being Wrong 1991-1992
Bestial Cluster
Bestial Cluster
Bestial Cluster 1992
Big Wheels In Shanty Town 1989-90
Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City 1989-90
Blackwater 1989-90
Boat's For Burning 1989-90
Bones Of Mud 1992
Book Of Rules 1991-1992
Brave Light Of Sun
Burning Bridges
Cantonese Boy
Ceremony 1988/12
Ceremony 2 1988/12
City Of The Dead 1993/06-07
Communist China
Communist China
Cornwall Stone 1984
Corridor 1988/12
Create And Melt 1984
Cries And Whispers 1989-90
Dalis Car 1984
Don't Rain On My Parade
Drawings We Have Lived
Dreams Of Reason
Dreams Of Reason
Engine 1988/12
Engine 1988/12
European Son