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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Louvin Ira Louvin, Ira
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
A Man With A Plan 1956/07
A Message To Your Heart 1962/11
A Seaman's Girl 1961/07
A Shut-In At Christmas/Shut-In's Prayer 1952
A Soldier's Last Letter 1961/07
A Tiny Broken Heart 1956/05
A Tiny Broken Heart 1967
Alabama 1963/05
Alabama 1949/01
Alabama 1949/08
Alabama 1949/01
Alabama 1955/05
Alabama 1947/12
Almost Persuaded 1961/02
Are You Afraid To Die 1958/08
Are You Afraid To Die
Are You Afraid To Die? 1952/08
Are You Missing Me 1962/02
Are You Missing Me 1952/06
Are You Missing Me 1962/06
Are You Missing Me? 1952/06
Are You Teasing Me 1969/02
Are You Teasing Me 1976/04
Are You Teasing Me 1960/08
Are You Teasing Me 1957/05
Are You Teasing Me 1952/02
Are You Teasing Me 1979/04
Are You Washed In The Blood 1956/10
Are You Wasting My Time 1966/06
Are You Wasting My Time 1958/04
Are You Wasting My Time 1956/06
Are You Wasting My Time
At Mail Call Today 1961/07
Atomic Power 1991
Atomic Power 1993/03
Away In A Manger 1961/05
Because I'm Yours 1956/07
Bless Your Little Thumpin' Gizzard 1949/08
Blue 1958/08
Blue From Now On 1958/08
Blues Stay Away From Me 1960/05
Born Again 1953/03
Branded Wherever I Go 1962/06
Bringin In The Georgia Mail 1947/03
Broad Minded 1952/09
Broken Engagement 1961/07
Brown's Ferry Blues 1960/05
Call Me 1957/05
Cash On The Barrel Head 1969/02
Cash On The Barrelhead