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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Phillips Steve Phillips, Steve
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
Big Fat Blonde 1986/03-04
Blues Stay Away From Me 1988/07
Blues Stay Away From Me
Doomsville 1986/03-04
Downstream 1986/03-04
Drinkin' On The Job 1986/03-04
Feel Like Going Home
Government Cheese 1986/03-04
I Talk With My Hands 1987/05-07
Information 1986/03-04
Just An Old Waltz
Let My People Go-Go
Let My People Go-Go 1986/03-04
Long Gone Long 1986/03-04
No Romance 1987/05-07
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows 1986/03-04
One More Summer 1987/05-07
One Way Gal
Please Baby 1988/07
Please Baby
Railroad Worksong
Rainmaker 1987/05-07
Rockin' At The T-Dance 1986/03-04
Run Me Down
Small Circles 1987/05-07
Snakedance 1987/05-07
That's Where I Belong
That's Where I Belong 1988/07
The Lakeview Man 1987/05-07
The One That Got Away 1986/03-04
The Other Side Of The World 1987/05-07
The Wages Of Sin 1987/05-07
Tornado Of Love 1987/05-07
Weapon Of Prayer
Weapon Of Prayer 1988/07
Will You Miss Me
Your Own Sweet Way