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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Sullivan Charles Sullivan, Charles
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
13th House 1980/10
Aerosphere 1973/07
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Awakening 1975/09
Benny's From Heaven 1977/09-10
Big Brass Drum
Black Narcissus 1980/04
Blues Peru
Body & Soul 1977/09-10
Breathahoward 1973/07
Circulation 1973/07
Confirmation 1977/09-10
Earth Song
Exactly Like You 1977/09-10
Excursion 1974/03
Exercise (Dis'Go, Dis'Way)
Freedom Jazz Dance 1977/09-10
Gettin' Sentimental
Grit's Den
In The Still Of The Night
In Waves Of Dreams 1976/03
Jabulani - Easter Joy 1973/11
Jeannine 1977/09-10
K.C. Shuffle
Leo Rising 1980/10
Love Samba 1980/10
Loxodonta Africana
Lullaby For Greg 1973/07
Lunceford Prance
Mappo 1974/03
Moody's Mood For Love 1977/09-10
My Romance
Night Train 1977/09-10
No One Can Explain It 1980/04
Nommo 1975/09
Oasty Doatsy
Oatsy Doatsy
One Up, One Down
Pistrophallobus 1980/04
Ready Go! 1980/04
Revelation 1976/03
Search For Peace 1980/10
Seeing Beyond The Obvious 1976/03