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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Wackerman Chad Wackerman, Chad
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
A Cold Dark Matter 1988/03
A Few Moments With Brother A.West 1987/88
A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus) 1982
Across The Bridge 1993/06
Across The Bridge 1993/06
Advance Romance
Advance Romance 1982
Aerobics In Bondage
After Dinner Smoker 1988/06
Alien Office
Alien Orifice 1981/10
Alien Orifice
All Sevens 1993/06
Andy 1987/88
Any Kind Of Pain 1988
Approximate 1982
Arkansas Traveler
Artificial Rhonda 1984
Baby, Take Your Teeth Out
Bash 1993/06
Bavarian Sunset 1988/05
Be In My Video
Between The Dog And The Wolf
Big Swifty
Big Thing 1990/02
Black Coffee 1993/06
Black Napkins
Bob In Dacron First Movement 1983/01
Bob In Dacron Second Movement 1983/01
Bogus Pomp 1983/01
Bolero 1987/88
Briefcase Boogie 1984
Brown Moses 1984/12
Brown Moses 1984
Bullish Boogie
But Who Was Fulcanelli? 1982/06
Butter Or Cannons 1984/08
By Chance 1988/10
Camarillo Brillo 1984/11
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy 1984/11
Catholic Girls 1988
Charlie's Enormous Mouth 1981/10
Charming Snakes 1990/02
Chunga's Revenge 1988/04
Church Chat 1982
City Of Tiny Lights
City Of Tiny Lites 1982
Close To Home 1993/06
Clowns On Velvet 1984