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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Weston Azzedin Weston, Azzedin
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
Abre Alas 1976/04
Affirmation 1976/04
African Cookbook 1991/03
African Sunrise 1991/03
African Village Bedford-Stuyvesant 2 1991/03
Barcelona 1976/04
Blue Moses 1991/03
City Of Peace 1979/12
Con Alma 1976/04
Death And Resurrection
Don't Say Goodbye
Everybody Up
Funk-a-roonie-peacock 1979/12
Ganawa (Blue Moses)
Hi-Fly 1973/05
Ifrane 1972/03-04
In A Funky Way
In Memory Of 1973/05
Intentions 1979/12
Jamaica East 1973/05
La Elaha-Ella Allah, Morad Allah 1991/03
Land Of The Living Dead 1976/04
Little Niles 1973/05
Make Me Feel
Marrakesh Blues 1972/03-04
Metamorphosis For Mingus 1979/12
Night In Medina 1972/03-04
Paradise Space Shuttle 1979/12
Say It
Send In The Clowns 1979/12
Something Special
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose 1976/04
Spanish Interlude
Sweet Meat 1973/05
Sweet Meat (Take 2) 1973/05
Take De Funk Off, Fly
Tanjah 1973/05
The Healers 1991/03
The Last Day 1973/05
Woody I: On The Newark
Woody III: New Offerings