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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Wild Magnolias The Wild Magnolias, The
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
(Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul
Ah Anka Ting Tang Boo Shanka Boo
All On A Mardi Grad Day 1997-8
Battlefield 1997-8
Big Chief
Black Hawk 1997-8
Bon Ton Roulet
Carnival Time
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk
Coochie Molly 1997-8
Corey Died On The Battlefield
Cowboys And Indians 1997-8
Fire Water
Fire Water
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Golden Crown
Handa Wanda
Hang Tough 1997-8
Herc-Jolly-John 1997-8
Ho Na Nae'
I'm Back
Iko, Iko
Injuns, Here We Come
Jockomo, Jockomo
Jumalaka Boom Boom
Life Is A Carnival 1997-8
Meet De Boys On The Battlefront
New Kinda Groove
New Kinda Groove
New Suit
Oh When The Saints
Old Time Indian 1997-8
Party 1997-8
Peacepipe 1997-8
Pock-A-Nae 1997-8
Pocket Change 1997-8
Shallow Water Oh Mama
Shanda Handa 1997-8
Smoke My Peace Pipe
They Call Us Wild
Tootie Ma 1997-8
Two Way Pak E Way
We're Gonna Party
Who Knows 1997-8