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Name Vorname Kuenstlername Name 3
Richards Emil Richards, Emil
Actions Titel Jahr Hauptinterpret Interpret Urheber Funktion
5 3/4 1979/09
505 To Casablanca
A Ball For John
A Chair In The Sky
A Letter For Anna-Lee 1975/04
A Little Voice 1964/04
A Taste Of Honey 1962
A Weed In Disneyland
African Wonderment
Afro Blue 1959/05
After The Ball 1982/83
Agnus Dei
Agnus Dei 1971/05
All The Way / One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
Always In My Heart 1962/08
Always Together 1964/08
An Ivitation To Sin 1982/83
And Her Name Is Scarlet 1964/02
Angel's Flight 1982/06
Angel's Flight
Ariki (Hummingbird Spirit)
Aunt Marie 1964/02
Ayenye 1959/05
Baby Blue Eyes
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home 1973/07-08
Back In The Business
Bata 1959/05
Beautiful Girl
Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself
Belly Roll
Besame Mucho 1962/08
Bianca 1963/07
Big Battle
Big Deal (Live Without You)
Birth (15 Puppies)/The Heist
Black Magic
Blow Away
Blue Christmas 1966/09
Blue Virgin Isles
Body Heat 1986/08
Body Pulse 1975/07-08
Bogus Pomp 1975/09
Born To Lose 1965/04
Boyhood To Manhood
Broken Dreams
Bumming Around 1965/04
Caravan 1957
Careless Love