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Archiv Nummer Medium Interpret Medien-Titel Industrie Nummer Kategorie
03877 LPSampler Diverse White Boy Blues Castle CCSLP 103 (GB 1985, Interworld) Keine
Actions Track Titel Interpret Jahr
1 Snake Drive Clapton, Eric
2 West Coast Idea Clapton, Eric
3 Choker Clapton, Eric And Page, Jimmy
4 I'm Your Witchdoctor Bluesbreakers, The
4 I'm Your Witchdoctor Mayall, John
5 Tribute To Elmore Clapton, Eric
6 Freight Loader Clapton, Eric And Page, Jimmy
7 Miles Road Clapton, Eric And Page, Jimmy
8 Telephon Blues Bluesbreakers, The
8 Telephon Blues Mayall, John
9 Draggin' My Tail Clapton, Eric And Page, Jimmy
10 Down In The Boots Page, Jimmy
11 Steelin' All Stars feat. Jeff Beck, The
12 Chuckles All Stars feat. Jeff Beck
13 L.A. Breakdown All Stars Feat. Jimmy Page
14 Piano Shuffle All Stars feat. Nicky Hopkins, The
15 Someday Baby All Stars feat. Cyril Davis, The
16 Porcupine Juice Santa Barbara Machine Head
17 Rubber Monkey Santa Barbara Machine Head
18 Albert Santa Barbara Machine Head
19 Who's Knocking Spencer, Jeremy
20 Look Down Spencer, Jeremy